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Last Name First Name Position Extension E-Mail Webpage
Adlon Ian Computer Systems Technician 1023 iadlon@ncboe.org  
Agnellino Fran Kindergarten Teacher 1242 fagnellino@ncboe.org  
Alicandri Patty Gould Resource Room/Special Education 1081 palicandri@ncboe.org  
Arena Toni 6th Grade Reading Teacher 1029 tarena@ncboe.org Home Page
Armstrong Alexandra 1st Grade Teacher 1245 aarmstrong@ncboe.org  
Barone Diane 5th Grade Science Teacher 1020 dbarone@ncboe.org  
Bogden Dan Gould Custodian      
Brady James Instrumental/Vocal Music 1052 jbrady@ncboe.org  
Bryer Carrie Grandview Special Ed Co-Op Teacher 1037 cbryer@ncboe.org  
Burg Anne Grandview Art Teacher 1272 aburg@ncboe.org Home Page
Carella Kelly 2nd Grade Teacher 1225 kcarella@ncboe.org Home Page
Castiglia Angela 3rd Grade Teacher 1212 acastiglia@ncboe.org Home Page
Corigliano Amanda Gould Special Education Teacher 1017 acorigliano@ncboe.org  
Checchetto Chris Gould Principal 1002 cchecchetto@ncboe.org  
Christiano Cheryl 1st Grade Teacher 1196 cchristiano@ncboe.org Home Page
Clutterbuck Shanon 2nd Grade Teacher 1219 sclutterbuck@ncboe.org  
Crisafi Kristin 3rd Grade Teacher 1214 kcrisafi@ncboe.org  
Decker Laura Psychologist 1075 ldecker@ncboe.org  
DeRosa Greg 6th Grade Science Teacher 1050 gderosa@ncboe.org  
Downs Lori Occupational Therapist 1246 ldowns@ncboe.org  
Doyen Gabrielle Kindergarten Teacher 1221 gdoyen@ncboe.org  
Edwards Janel  1st Grade Teacher 1057 jedwards@ncboe.org  
Eisinger Lauren Gould Resource Room/Special Education 1017 leisinger@ncboe.org  
Falco Thomas Director of Buildings & Grounds 1060 tfalco@ncboe.org  
Fede Christina 3rd Grade Teacher 1213 cfede@ncboe.org  
Gareffa Sue Gould Library Teacher 1049 sgareffa@ncboe.org  
Garthwaite Janice Special Ed Co-Op Teacher 1197 jgarthwaite@ncboe.org  
Gesario Mike 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher 1015 mgesario@ncboe.org  
Giantonio Sue Behaviorist 1084 sgiantonio@ncboe.org  
Gray Christine 6th Grade LA Teacher 1017 cgray@ncboe.org  
Gromada Kristin 1st Grade Teacher 1224 kgromada@ncboe.org  
Husk Joyce Learning Consultant 1010 jhusk@ncboe.org  
Icker Agnes Pre-K Teacher 1195 aicker@ncboe.org  
Jeffrey Jeanne Gould Technology Teacher 1014 jjeffrey@ncboe.org Home Page
Johannsen Laura Pre-K Teacher 1215 ljohannsen@ncboe.org  
Johnson Sarah Pre-K Teacher 1205 sjohnson@ncboe.org  
Jones Kari-Lynn Gould Special Education Teacher 1017 kjones@ncboe.org  
Kahan Allison 5th Grade Language Arts Teacher 1019 akahan@ncboe.org  
Kanter Tara Gould Art Teacher 1054 tkanter@ncboe.org  
Kappock Sue 4th Grade Reading Teacher 1009 skappock@ncboe.org  
Keenan Meghan 2nd Grade Teacher 1220 mkeenan@ncboe.org  
Keenan, R.N. Patricia Gould Nurse 1006 pkeenan@ncboe.org  
Kessler Leigh 2nd Grade Teacher 1188 lkessler@ncboe.org  
Kline Melissa Gould Resource Room/Special Education 1017 mkline@ncboe.org  
Kornreich Melissa Psychologist 1193 mkornreich@ncboe.org  
Laurenzano Dawn Grandview Resource Room/Special Ed. 1196 dlaurenzano@ncboe.org Home Page
Linden Lisa 5th Grade Math 1021 llinden@ncboe.org  
Lisa Zena Grandview ATP/Reading/Math 1192 zlisa@ncboe.org  
Lista Erica Occupational Therapist 1035 elista@ncboe.org  
Little Eileen Grandview ATP 1192 elittle@ncboe.org  
MacDonald Lacy Speech 1027 lmacdonald@ncboe.org  
Malanga Anthony Grandview Physical Education Teacher 1229 amalanga@ncboe.org  
Marlo Randi Grandview Secretary 1200 rmarlo@ncboe.org  
Martino Mark Gould Custodian      
Mellinkoff Courtney 4th Grade Language Arts 1013 cmellinkoff@ncboe.org  
Messier Gale Confidential BOE Secretary/Transportation 1025 gmessier@ncboe.org  
Messier John Grandview Custodian      
Moawad Christina Grandview Library/Media Center Teacher 1208 cmoawad@ncboe.org  
Monticciolo Marissa Kindergarten Teacher 1223 mmonticciolo@ncboe.org  
Mottola Sharon Bookkeeper/Payroll 1024 smottola@ncboe.org  
Nazaretta, R.N. Mary Ann Grandview Nurse 1206 mnazaretta@ncboe.org  
Nikow Linda 6th Grade Math Teacher 1031 lnikow@ncboe.org  
Norton Loren 3rd Grade Teacher 1210 lnorton@ncboe.org Home Page
Ortiz Francisco 4th Grade Science Teacher 1007 fortiz@ncboe.org Home Page
Pierro Jeff 1st Grade Teacher 1227 jpierro@ncboe.org  
Pontrella Sharon Grandview Technology Teacher 1238 spontrella@ncboe.org Home Page
Raimondi Michelle Kindergarten Teacher 1237 mraimondi@ncboe.org  
Rego Yvette 4th Grade Social Studies Teacher 1005 yrego@ncboe.org Home Page
Reyes Johanna Spanish Teacher 1052/1400 jreyes@ncboe.org  
Root Sarah Grandview Special Ed Co-Op Teacher 1209 sroot@ncboe.org  
Sancetta Chris Gould Phys. Ed./Health 1061 csancetta@ncboe.org  
Schlachter Melissa 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher 1048 mschlachter@ncboe.org Home Page
Shabazian Beth Child Study Team Secretary 1190 bshabazian@ncboe.org  
Shay Kim Grandview Resource Room/Special Ed. 1186 kshay@ncboe.org  
Sibilia Lynne Speech 1201 lsibilia@ncboe.org  
Silva Tamara Social Worker 1392 tsilva@ncboe.org  
Smith Marian LLD - Gould 1018 msmith@ncboe.org  
Socci Dana Speech 1232 dsocci@ncboe.org  
Stefanelli Michael Grandview Principal 1230 mstefanelli@ncboe.org  
Stomski Monica Gould ATP 1018 mstomski@ncboe.org  
Tarantino Tiffany Grandview Special Ed Co-Op Teacher 1236 ttarantino@ncboe.org  
Thomas Charlene Grandview ATP 1310 cthomas@ncboe.org  
Toth Meredith Kindergarten Teacher 1236  mtoth@ncboe.org  
Troiano June 3rd Grade Teacher 1211 jtroiano@ncboe.org Home Page
Vassallo Mary 6th Grade LA Teacher 1030 mvassallo@ncboe.org  
Veneziano Jenna 2nd Grade Teacher 1226 jveneziano@ncboe.org  
Veneiro Sarah Pre-K 1195 sveneiro@ncboe.org  
Wagner Leigh 4th Grade Math Teacher 1011 lwagner@ncboe.org Home Page
Wefferling Debbie Gould Secretary 1000 dwefferling@ncboe.org  
Whitney James Grandview Physical Education/Health 1229 jwhitney@ncboe.org  
Williams Kim Vocal Music 1052/1377 kwilliams@ncboe.org Home Page
Wozniak Stephanie Gould Resource Room Teacher 1081 swozniak@ncboe.org  
Newman Tara 2nd Grade Teacher 1219 tnewman@ncboe.org  
Zaccaria Gina Physical Therapist 1247 gzaccaria@ncboe.org  
Zecchino Vickie Confidential Superintendent's Secretary 1204 vzecchino@ncboe.org  
Zimmermann Cathy 5th Grade Reading Teacher 1022 czimmermann@ncboe.org  


North Caldwell Public Schools
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